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Kenagy Farms, Ltd.

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Kenagy Farms partakes in a variety of farm based activities.  There is often sweat involved, as well as machinery.  Sometimes the work is backbreaking, and occasionally there are tears and someone “just needs to be held.”  And, that’s OK because we’re all friends here.


While we could certainly awe readers with an in depth accounting of our collective farming prowess (which is mighty), we’ve decided that this website should be more of a meeting place for the friends and family of Kenagy Farms.  We hope that our people will use this tool as a way to keep in contact and share interesting tidbits with one another.  So, if you have something to add, email webmaster@KenagyFarms.com with information regarding your newsy bits.

To contact us:


Kenagy Farms, Ltd.

29531 S. Kenagy Ln.

Hubbard, OR 97032

Jesse Kenagy

E-mail: Jesse@KenagyFarms.com


Jake Kenagy

E-mail: Jake@KenagyFarms.com